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Retirement Planning

Retirement planning centers around a plan.  Too often, advisors do a plan as part of the initial client service.  These plans lay around for years collecting dust, benefitting no one.  To plan effectively, it is important to forecast your numbers at least once per year.  We are always asking and answering the question “are you OK?  Do your resources support your goal?” 

Our retirement planning process has 5 steps:

Step 1:
Define Goal

Step 1: Define Goal

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Step 2:
Inventory Resources

Step 2: Inventory Resources


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Step 3:
Plan Cash Needs Over Time

Step 3: Plan Cash Needs Over Time

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Step 4:
Align Resources with Plan

Step 4: Align Resources with Plan

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Step 5: Plan and plan again.

The plan is to plan – allow us to help you.    A plan has greater value when it is reviewed and updated often.   If you work with Grigg Financial, you will have a relationship that values you and your needs and strives to meet and exceed your retirement goals.

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