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Special Services

We have special services that are designed for what are called a “accredited investors.”  Generally an accredited investor is someone that has household financial assets in excess of one million dollars (excludes a primary home).  Certain investment programs are limited to those that can withstand limited liquidity and certain types of risk.

This section is meant to be educational.  It is not meant to be solicitation.  Actual advice leading to the use of these services is always limited to accredited investors and to those that meet with our staff, discuss their personal financial situation and review the risks associated with these strategies.

To proceed, you are acknowledging that you are an accredited investor and that this is for educational and awareness purposes only. 

Real Estate Investors (Qualified Investors Only)

You may own real estate as an investment.  Some own a single or multifamily rental.  Others own an office building, storage units or perhaps a retail center.  

At some point (usually as you approach or are well in to retirement),  you may want to sell and get out of the real estate business, out of being a landlord, out of actively managing property.

A 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange allows you to sell one property and invest in one or more like-kind properties to defer taxation. 

Many real estate investors, however, are not familiar with how a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) can help by exchanging  in to professionally managed real estate assets.  In other words, the proceeds of a sale can go in to a specific, professionally managed trust and retain the tax benefits of a 1031 exchange.    

There are many additional reasons to use a DST as an efficient way to complete a 1031 Exchange.  We are happy to discuss the many benefits and walk you through the entire process.

Structured Note Advisory (Qualified Investors Only)

A structured note is a way that you can participate in upside of stocks, bonds, commodities, indexes and others while dialing in a level of protection appropriate for you, your tolerance and capacity for risk,  and your financial goals.  We help create custom notes that generally focus on improved income or growth, dialing in loss protection appropriate to your financial situation.

As an example, perhaps you want to have a two year exposure to the S&P 500 but not all of the risk.  A structured note could offer 50%* of the price return of the S&P 500 index while providing no loss on the first 20%*.

*this is just an example to illustrate how a structured note could be priced.  Although it reflects actual pricing as of 10/19/20, pricing is not guaranteed until purchase orders are executed.  In addition, this specific price is based on a holding period of two years.

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