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Being A Fiduciary

We are fiduciaries.  Many financial professionals are not.  A fiduciary is required to work in the best interest of the client.  This involves a significant effort in looking at all the options, comparing and contrasting, and advising a best course of action.   We are not investment product sales people.  We do not make commissions on investment advice. 

Our business does better when you do better.

We often encounter people looking for an advisor for the first time, perhaps after 20, 30 or more years of accumulating savings in a 401k or 403b.  Realizing they want help with making their money last as long as they do, they seek out an advisor.  We ask  this: “With your life savings, if you have a choice between an financial representative who is paid commissions or an advisor who is paid for advice, who do you want?”  We believe the answer is obvious.

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