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Actively Managed Money

Actively Managed Money

Actively Managed Money

The essence of active management involves assessing and weighting asset types/classes and choosing specific assets within those types/classes.  This encompasses an investment management process that continuously assesses an environment and makes adjustments based on forecasts.  It attempts to answer the questions “Where should I now be invested, at what weights, and what specifically should I invest in?”  We believe that active management adds significant value to your wealth over time. 

We don’t do this work alone.  We engage some of the largest and most successful private wealth managers to help us assess economic environments, asset classes and specific assets.   Together we use substantial research, the latest money management modeling, and technology.  In other words, through Grigg Financial, you have access to a deep and broad range of money management talent in the industry. 

We use many resources and approaches to money management.  Our process involves matching those approaches to you.

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